Natürlicher Lebensraum – Café in Moabit

Studious breakfast

Last August, I spent a whole month in Berlin taking an intensive German course at the Deutsch Akademie. As my course was in the early afternoon I had the whole morning to review the materials before going to class and luckily I found the perfect spot to do so !

I love hanging out and working in Cafés, especially when there is a combination of comfy and warm atmosphere and delicious treats with cappuccino on top of that. Unfortunately, there are not so many nice coffee spots around my place but this one is a little gem. Located in Jonnasstrße, next to the Arminius Markthalle building, the Café with a “dollhouse” touch is often crowded in the afternoon with many locals who come to enjoy a sweet break or what the German call “Kaffee Kuchen” (literally coffee and cake).

After entering the Café, everyone spend some time staring at the cakes of the day on display to find the perfect match to their coffee, a difficult choice when you know that Antje, the owner, bakes everyday up to 15 different cakes as well as quiches and cookies !

Once you have made your choice, you can seat back and enjoy a perfect coffee or cappuccino  in a jazzy atmosphere while reading some newspaper available for free to perfect your German.

Natürlicher Lebensraum

Jonasstraße 7
10551 Berlin
Tel.: 0173 6327829


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